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Oak-ily Dokily

Posted by Claire Ward on
Oak-ily Dokily

Creative Energy's Bergmont & Oakmoss lotion candle has a sublte, yet woodsy aroma. It contains the natural essential oils of sage, lavandin and bergmont. 

Most of us have heard of sage. It is an herb that has been around for hundreds of years. The sage plant is native to the southern European regions. Historically, sage was used by Romans and Greeks and was even considered sacred. In addition to using the herb to preserve meat and to keep other foods from spoiling, it was also considered good for the body and mind. 

Besides using it to get rid of bad juju, sage is primary used to relieve digestive problems, but additionaly it can be used to help with respiratory problems, menstrual difficulties, fungal infections, as well as skin problems.

Sage essential oil is also often used to help slow down signs of aging, like wrinkles and sagging skin. It is also often added to skin products that help with reducing the visibility of cracks, scars and age spots. 

 Finally, sage is often used in aromatherapy as a stimulant, reducing mental fatigue and depression. 

 Lavandin essential oil is very similar to Lavender essential oil - both in its scent and its benefits. It is slightly more fragrant than the scent of lavender. Lavandin can reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. It is also an analgesic, meaning it helps to reduce pain and inflammation. Lavandin is also excellent for the skin, as it can reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks.

Bergamont is a citrus that is similar to an orange, with a floral undertone. This essential oil is used for many things, including anxiety, acne, itching, psoriasis and oily skin. 

There you have it. All the many benefits of our Bergamont & Oakmoss Lotion Candle. Try one out today (and get 15% off)!


Love & Happiness,

Your Creative Energy Team 


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