Create an At-Home Spa That’s Better Than the Real Thing

Just because spas around the country are closed or offering limited services doesn’t mean that you can’t pamper yourself. Let’s be honest -- you deserve a break now more than ever. If you set it up well, an at-home spa can be even more relaxing than the real thing (just think: you can get into bed immediately after!). In this blog post, we will tell you just how to achieve the perfect at-home spa day.


You wouldn’t scroll Instagram at the actual spa, so turn it off during your home spa day! Science actually says that staying off your phone in order to more fully relax leads to higher productivity, creativity, and can even lower your risk of heart disease. So go full “do not disturb” mode and leave your phone in another room. 

Set the mood

We believe that the most essential part of an at-home spa is setting the mood. To do this, make yourself some lemon water or pour a glass of wine, and turn on a “spa” playlist like this one from Spotify. Then, add to the relaxing atmosphere with a candle. For truly spa-like aromatherapy, we recommend our Rosemary Lavender or Peppermint Eucalyptus candles. 

Dress the Part

One of the best parts of the spa is the fluffy robes. Make sure to treat yourself by wearing your softest PJs or favorite robe (perhaps fresh out of the dryer). 

Choose Your Treatment

For your spa treatment, choose something easy to perform on yourself that requires minimal effort (this is all about relaxing, after all). Draw yourself a bubble bath, try a DIY sugar scrub, or do an easy sheet mask facial.

Give a Finishing Touch

After your treatment, don’t skimp on the finishing touches. We always finish a spa day or a bath with lotion from our 2-in-1 candles. The warm lotion is the perfect way to relax as it melts into your skin -- leaving you feeling rested, relaxed, and nourished. 

We want to know -- what is your favorite treatment for an at-home spa day?


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