Get Your Home Ready For Fall

Happy October! It's 76 degrees out here in Columbia, but we are ready for fall nonetheless. No matter the temperature outside, you can get into the fall spirit with a few updates to your space. 

Here are five ways we are launching into fall in our homes:

1. Incorporate fall florals.

Bring some of the outdoors, indoors. Try incorporating fall garland around your kitchen window or on your mantle, or add some autumnal stems to a vase on your table. 

fall garland kitchen

2. Create a fun entry to your home.

Starting with your door/porch area sets the tone for your decor and will bring joy to everyone in your neighborhood enjoying a brisk fall walk. Try potted mums, real or faux pumpkins, corn stalks, or an autumn wreath. See more ideas for porch decor here!

3. Light cozy candles.

We may be biased, but the best way to set the mood for a time of year is by burning a seasonal scent in your home. We recommend our Warm Tobacco & Coriander or Mountain Grove for ALL the fall vibes. 

4. Create some DIY decor with paper bats.

Creating DIY paper bats is not only an adorable embellishment for your walls, it's a fun craft activity you can do with kids while they're learning at home. 

diy halloween decoration craft paper bats

5. Set up a fall-themed tray display.

Adding a cute tray display to your coffee table, kitchen counter, dresser, or dining table is an elegant way to incorporate touches of fall. We recommend using a wooden or white tray and adding a candle, a floral or greenery, and 1-3 mini pumpkins. 

fall florals and pumpkin on tray

Happy fall, y'all! How are you getting your home ready for fall!?

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