How Creative Energy Candles Began


Creative Energy Candles began almost 10 years ago, right on top of Kara's stove, about the same time the marketing firm she had been working for decided to close its doors. She was always fascinated with the candles wax, and thought how amazing it would be if she could create a candle that's wax was beneficial for your skin. After researching the best natural ingredients, she developed a unique recipe featuring 100% soybean wax, organic extra virgin coconut oil and essential oil blends. Kara took her candle and hit the road selling high end boutiques and day spas around the Southeast. Her big (little) break- as she likes to say-came when her candle landed in the hands of Marlo Thomas, actress and philanthropist. Marlo promoted the Creative Energy Candle as "Her Favorite Candle' on the front page of AOL for Valentines Day. After that, Kara never looked back!

(Kara in her garage in 2010 making a test batch)

The Creative Energy Candle is a hand-poured, scented soy candle that when lit, melts to create not only a beautiful scent, but also a luxurious lotion for your skin. Because it is made with al plant-based ingredients, its suitable for all skin types. The Creative Energy Candle has naturally occurring vitamins A, E and K, minerals antioxidant and anti-aging properties. The earthbound properties play a major role in protecting our skins elasticity and maintain an overall healthy balance. 
After embarking on her entrepreneurial adventure, Kara still puts her graphics design background to good use. She designs all of Creative Energy's product packaging as well as marketing materials. She is very talented, and our products always look amazing.
Kara believes in giving back and donates 10% of all profits to benefit various charities and missions. You can find Creative Energy Candles all over the United States in various boutiques, gift shops, spas, pharmacies and natural grocery stores-including Whole Foods Market, Wegmans, Paper Source, and The Paper Store. 


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