How to Create a Productive Work Space

The holiday season is over and the New Year is upon us! We are back from the relaxing and enjoyable times with family and friends, and are ready to jump back into our work...but sometimes we need a little motivation to get us going! Having a space that encourages and motivates you is so important, especially if you are having to work from home.

Here are some ways we love to personalize our workspace and motivate ourselves to be productive:

1. Make your planner your best friend:

This is top of the list and for good reason. A planner is the best way to get deadlines, appointments, meetings and anything else all down in one space. It is also so fun to personalize and organize in a way that works best for you! Did we mention that there are so many cute planners out there nowadays? 

2. Add a scent to boost your mood and mind:

Did you know there are certain scents that can increase mind focus and productivity? Try adding one of our following candles to your workspace:

  • Citrus Basil & Wild Mint - citrus wakes you up and increases alertness

  • Peppermint & Eucalyptus - peppermint lifts your mood and increases focus

  • Rosemary & Lavender - rosemary helps you to concentrate, get tasks done faster and more accurately

3. Incorporate some green:

Adding a small desk plant can give you a visual break from your computer screen. Even if you don’t have the best luck with plants there are options such as small succulents that can liven up your workspace! Not to mention you can recycle our glass candle jars and use them as planters for these new additions to your space!

4. Importance of lighting:

Lighting is an essential tool that can help to boost your mood and increase productivity. Natural light is very important so having a workspace near windows is ideal but we know that isn’t always an option. There are so many other easy ways to add light to your workspace. Nothing beats a classic desk lamp and there are so many options out there!

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