Orange You Glad You Read This Post?!

Knock, Knock?

Who's There?


Orange who?

Orange you glad you smelled our Tarocco Orange Candle! 

Today our Scent of the Season is the Tarcocco Orange. This candle has a rich citrus scent, featured with the strong notes of orange and a hint of mango. During the next few months, this candle will fill your memories of warm summer days. 

It is infused with the natural essential oils of yuzu, mango, and blood orange. These scents bring a gorgeous, exotic fragrance to brighten up your life. The blood orange essential oil is native to Sicily and the oil is extracted by cold compression of its peel. 

Limonene makes up 95% of blood orange's essential oil. The properties of Limonene include antioxidant and anti-inflammatories that will help with various health issues. 

All of these essential oils are uplifting and calming and will help free oneself from worry and stress.

Let our Tarocco Orange Lotion Candle brighten your day and see why it is one of our best sellers!

15% off of our Taroccan Orange Candle today through noon tomorrow (12/6/18). Discount will be given automatically at checkout.

Have a great Hump Day!!


The Creative Energy Team


  • JennywralS

    впрочем, muzmo скачать слушать дворовые песни

  • Arielsoync

    электронные сигареты в спб за 1500 –

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