Stuff your Stocking with the Moroccan Teakwood Candle

~Moroccan Teakwood~

Our Moroccan Teakwood 2-in-1 Soy Lotion Candle leads with top notes of leather, tobacco, and amber. The beautiful aged teakwood scent carries on the tones of patchouli and sandalwood. It is infused with natural essential oils of cedar wood, patchouli, black pepper, and pimento berry. 

This candle would be an excellent stocking stuffer for loved one this holiday season. All of its essential oils carry out benefits that are extremely rewarding for your health.


Cedar Wood oils are believed to be some of the very first essential oils. They were used in a range of medicine, cosmetics, and incense. Their antiseptic and pain killing antioxidant properties bring much relief to its user. Cedar wood has been known to treat the stiffness and pains of sufferers with arthritis and nerve inflammation. Insomnia is also an issue that cedar wood oils have been said to help with. It also has natural sedative properties, which releases serotonin in the brain that converts to melatonin that will ease the mind into a peaceful sleep. The Moroccan Teakwood is a great candle to use after a long bath before bed. 

Patchouli oil is from a plant that is native to the tropical regions of Asia. It is known for its use in aromatherapy and has been known to calm the mind.

Black Pepper is one of the most popular spices around the world. Not only is it used as a spice but it's essential oil has many benefits. It is great for relieving body aches, lowing cholesterol, detoxifying the body, and enhancing circulation. 

Stay updated on our next Scent of the Season! 


Holiday cheers, 

The Creative Energy team


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