The Perfect Fall Candle

If you love crisp cool mornings, leaves changing colors, boots, sweaters and all things fall- THIS IS FOR Y-O-U! We have two amazing candles that will flood your home or space with the very essence of fall. 

Our NEW Warm Tobacco and Coriander candle is a very rich, woodsy, scent with a wonderful spiced kick. This scent is proving to be a top seller this fall season as it epitomizes all things warm and inviting.


The Warm Tobacco and Coriander candle is full of wonderful oils that will not only smell great but help with an array of needs you might have - as it is full of essential oils: coriander, lemon, tonka bean, vanilla and amber.

Coriander is known for helping your gut health, and lowering blood pressure. The Tonka Bean is another extremely helpful essential oil, as it is known to help with treating congestion, asthma, and overall lung health. 

Our second wonderful scent for fall is our Mountain Grove collection. When you burn this candle, it feels like you are bringing the outside in, making it a wonderful addition to your home.

Mountain Grove candles have been a hit with men and women who love candles but not necessarily floral or fruity scented candles. 

Our Mountain Grove candle is full of wonderful essential oils that are beneficial to your skin and overall health. The Cedarwood oil is known for an all natural insect repellent, and known to help the body relax. Another amazing oil found in this candle is, Patchouli Oil. This oil has many benefits including deodorizing body odors, soothing inflammation, and fighting water retention. One of the wonderful elements to our candles is that they not only fill the air with these essential oils, but you can also rub them right onto your skin in its lotion form. 

We'd love to hear what your favorite fall scent is! Leave us a comment below.



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