Upcycle Your Candle Jar

At Creative Energy Candles, we are all about finding creative ways to upcycle our empty candle jars. Give your candle new life by repurposing its jar in decorative and functional ways to give as gifts or use around your home. 

Below are some of our favorite ways to use the glass jars from our 2-in-1 Soy Lotion Candles.  

Succulent pot

A candle jar can make a unique holder for a succulent or small plant. Tying a piece of twine or ribbon around the jar and hot gluing it in place adds a polished finish. You can also use the jars to grow a mini herb garden in your kitchen window -- try mint, rosemary, and basil!

Paint Them

Using different painting methods can be a summer fun activity that turns your jars into unique pieces of homeware. Try the drip method, marbling, or gradient spray paint. Once the jars are painted, you can use them as containers for q-tips and cotton balls in your bathroom, a paperclip or pencil holder on your desk, or a votive holder for a tealight candle.


Put a few decorative pebbles in the bottom of the jar and fill it with water to make a beautiful holder for a few clipped flowers from your garden. 

Tint Them

Using food coloring and school glue, you can tint your jars beautifully, giving them a tie-dyed effect. This activity can also be done with children with their favorite colors -- it's super simple! Find instructions here.

Makeup Brush Holder

Our jars make a pretty and functional makeup brush holder. Just fill it halfway with coffee beans or beads to hold the brushes upright and place it on your counter. Add a ribbon or use one of the painting methods above for a decorative effect. 

For more ideas, check out our Pinterest board. Tag us on Instagram if you try any of these ideas at @creativeenergycandles

What did we miss? How do you like to upcycle your candle jars?


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