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If you follow us on social media, then this is probably old news to you... but Creative Energy Candles introduced a new scent to our line of lotion candles earlier this month. Warm Tobacco and Coriander is officially available for purchase on the website. This is our new favorite scent at the office and we were all loving how the smell filled the warehouse earlier this week when Rebekah was pouring the new scent. 

We've been told that this scent is reminiscent of when our grandpa's smoked a pipe. It is a rugged, yet gentle scent. It is such a warm, cozy, and soothing scent that envelops a room. We love that both men and women love this scent. 

Go try it!





Your friends at Creative Energy Candles



  • NkRlIhgywAa


  • Denise Schwartz

    Do you offer samples of the scent of your amazing candles? I wanted to smell before ordering.

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