We've got a new scent for you!

Blooms & Berries is our newest Creative Energy Candle, and it smells like sweet, sun-ripened berries and freshly blooming flowers with a hint of citrus. We're serious—we've been burning it all week, and we can't get enough. You know how some candles smell so strong that it's almost hard to breathe? This one's different: It has an earthy undertone that makes it feel like you're standing in the middle of a flower garden. It's just the right amount of sweet without being cloying.

And don't worry: The Blooms & Berries candle is infused with natural essential oils like geranium, jasmine, juniper berry, and tangerine—so not only does it smell amazing, but your skin will love it too! Not only are these ingredients good for your skin because they contain vitamins A, E and K; minerals; antioxidants; and anti-aging properties that help protect against free radicals—but they also smell amazing.

So go ahead: Light up a candle (or three). Our Blooms & Berries Creative Energy Candle will have you feeling (and smelling) like summer all year long!

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