Your Summer Scent Based On Your Favorite Cold Treat

Summer means popsicles, ice cream, and cold drinks. It also means it's time for a fresh, summery candle in your house! We can guess which scent you'll like best based on your favorite summer treat. Whether it's ice cream, a popsicle, smoothies, daiquiris, or lemonade -- read our descriptions below to find your summer scent. 

If your favorite treat is ice cream… you would love French Fig & Amber

Ice Cream lovers, unite. Ice cream and our French Fig & Amber Candle have one important thing in common: they are both indulgent! If treating yourself to a pint of Ben & Jerry’s sounds like your ideal night, try it with French Fig & Amber burning. We know you love a good opportunity for pampering, so check out our DIY At-Home Spa post for more self-care inspiration. 

If you like to cool down with a popsicle… you would love Tarocco Orange 

Popsicles and Tarocco Orange are both juicy, tart, and nostalgic. They conjure up memories of pool days, getting a creamsicle from the ice cream truck, and time spent in the sun. Make your kitchen smell like your favorite treat (and favorite memories) by burning our Tarocco Orange candle. 

If you are a fan of smoothies… you would love Rosemary & Lavender 

If smoothies are your go-to treat, you appreciate health and wellness. That’s why we recommend Rosemary & Lavender, a calming scent that is great for finding your zen. You can even burn it during an at-home yoga flow.

If daiquiris are your jam… you would love Island Coconut

Frozen cocktails and our Island Coconut Candle both remind us of vacation. If your ideal summer day includes a daiquiri in your hand, Island Coconut is the candle for you. Light it on your patio to reminisce on a beach getaway, then use the lotion to remind you of warm tanning oil. 

If you sip lemonade all summer long… you would love Citrus Basil & Wild Mint

If you reach for a cold, tart glass of lemonade on a 90-degree day, you would love the lemony notes of our Citrus Basil & Wild Mint Candle. It’s just as refreshing as that lemonade.

Now go, get yourself a summery treat and a new candle!


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