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Welcome to the Family!

If you follow us on social media, then this is probably old news to you... but Creative Energy Candles introduced a new scent to our line of lotion candles earlier this month. Warm Tobacco and Coriander is officially available for purchase on the website. This is our new favorite scent at the office and we were all loving how the smell filled the warehouse earlier this week when Rebekah was pouring the new scent. 

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Cheers to the New Year Giveaway

The Creative Energy Team is sooooo excited about all of the new and exciting things happening in 2019 and want to spread some of that goodness to our amazing customers! You will have a chance to enter our #cheerstothenewyear giveaway on Facebook and Instagram. All you have to do is LIKE our Facebook page and/or FOLLOW us on Instagram. Comment under the giveaway photo what your biggest New Years Resolution is and tag a friend that would love to receive some Creative Energy Love! We will pick a random winner from Facebook AND Instagram on Monday, January 7th and you and the friend you tagged will receive a special gift from us! 

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Mountain Grove

Want to escape to the mountains without actually going anywhere? Try our Mountain Grove Cosmetic Lotion Candle. It is a great scent for both men and women and features the relaxing scents of warm vanilla, sandalwood and a hint of patchouli. This candle is infused with the natural essential oils of cedarwood, vanilla, patchouli and clover leaf.    We went over some of the benefits of cedarwood oil in our blog post about our Moroccan Teakwood candle, so I won't dive too deep into that today. However, did you know that cedarwood is often mentioned in the Bible and symbolizes a source of protection, wisdom and abundance? If not, we know that we could use all of these things in...

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Shake it all up with the Island Coconut

Good morning Friends,  Yesterday we talked about the cozy scent of Mountain Grove and we hope you enjoyed feeling like you were in a cabin in Aspen. Today we are gonna take you away to a tropical island.  Our Island Coconut Candle will take your mind to paradise in your own home. This scent is filled with exotic tropical oils that will make you feel like you are having your own vacay.  It is lime, cognac, fennel, and clove leaf essential oils will help you relax and take your mind away from all of your stress. Keep reading more to find out how each of these essential oils can be so beneficial for your health.  Our Island Coconut scent carries...

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Oak-ily Dokily

Creative Energy's Bergmont & Oakmoss lotion candle has a sublte, yet woodsy aroma. It contains the natural essential oils of sage, lavandin and bergmont.  Most of us have heard of sage. It is an herb that has been around for hundreds of years. The sage plant is native to the southern European regions. Historically, sage was used by Romans and Greeks and was even considered sacred. In addition to using the herb to preserve meat and to keep other foods from spoiling, it was also considered good for the body and mind.  Besides using it to get rid of bad juju, sage is primary used to relieve digestive problems, but additionaly it can be used to help with respiratory problems,...

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